Client success story

Robotics Manufacturer

Changing providers brought 23% savings

Rapidly growing warehouse robotics manufacturer was experiencing long lead times, poor customer service, and high prices. SBS worked with our global partners to reduce cost, responsive account management, and implemented an automated kanban to eliminate lead time concerns.

Automation in modern distribution warehouse.




1 day

Lead time


Hardware supplier

Problem: Long lead times, poor service, and high costs

As a rapidly growing start-up was experiencing long vendor lead times, poor customer service, and high material costs. Impacts of these challenges slowed production, delivery, and crucial cash flow.

In addition, a proprietary fastener was designed into the build as a critical component.  Because of the branded nature of this part, there was no way to leverage cost saving or delivery improvements.



Containers in a harboure.


Solution: Outsourcing supplier management to SBS

SBS aligned global manufacturers for long lead time parts.  All responsibility for coordinating supplier management, quality control, logistics, and warehousing of all fastener was transferred to SBS. To eliminate lead times, stock was then established, in line with the company’s forecasted production plan, at our nearest warehouse.  SBS implemented our Intelli-bin System™ to maintain accurate inventory, eliminating stock outs and expedites. The company was partnered with a dedicated Account Manager to eliminate customer service issues.


Result: Reduced lead times and 23% savings

23% savings over last price paid. Implementation of the Intelli-bin System™ and dedicated inventory reduced lead times to 1 day. A single hardware supplier and Account Management of the company’s consumption, manufacturing lead times, and transit SBS removed the clients lead time issue while reducing part level and administrative costs. The company has grown over the last years, recently completing their first horizontal acquisition and a rapid increase in sales.

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Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer

From securing the supply line for stainless steel fasteners to creating production cart sequences, a world-renowned recreational vehicle manufacturer has had a unique SBS Solution built and optimized during their 34-year relationship with SBS.

Semiconductor Industry Client

Lack of understanding of the clients process led to both exhausted and excess inventory. After an extensive analysis, a unique program with custom packaging, delivery by inventory technician, and redistribution of unused parts was set up.

Redesigning a part improved productivity

A failing part caused production delays and cost overruns in a precision assembly. SBS Engineering collaborated with the client to develop a part that eliminated the quality concerns and need for redundant inspections.