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Eliminate the distribution roadblocks.

Outsourcing logistics and warehousing to SBS will make sure your parts are where you need them, when you need them.

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Clients with products produced both domestically and internationally look to SBS logistical support for their warehousing, inventory management, transportation management, and specialty services like kitting, light assembly, and custom packaging.

Our clients have the ability to see reduction in TCO, total cost of ownership, by leveraging SBS’s international freight system, relationships, and expertise.  Clients can mitigate risk, reduce on hand inventory, free up valuable production floor space, reduce material handling, and most importantly focus on what makes their company money not chasing parts around the globe.


Sorting and inspection

With product recalls and compromised quality at historically high levels, SBS can help you stand out from the crowd by making sure to keep that promise through our comprehensive quality control solutions.  SBS provides the specialized services to cover all stages of the production, including Pre-production Inspections (PPI), During Production Inspections (DPI/DUPRO), Pre-shipment Inspections (PSI), Sample Checking (SC) and Container loading and unloading supervision (LS) As well as Full Supply Chain Solutions such as Production Monitoring (PM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). 



SBS adds value with cleaning. Contact our representatives to find out more.


SBS has extensive experience designing custom kit solutions as a stand-alone service or as part of our full-service VMI programs. Our facility handles large volumes of line items daily. Client kit requirements vary widely in component structure – flexibility and agility have been the keys to our kitting success.

Benefits of custom kitting through SBS:

  • More accurate kits, reducing overhead and hassles
  • Reusable containers offer a sustainable solution
  • Bill of material consolidation and component reduction
  • Reduced material handling in your facility
  • Kit creation based upon production forecasts


SBS adds value with warehousing. Contact our representatives to find out more.


SBS adds value with product assembly. Contact our representatives to find out more.


SBS adds value with automation. Contact our representatives to find out more.

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