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Redesigning a part improved productivity

Redesigning a part improved productivity

A failing part caused production delays and cost overruns in a precision assembly. SBS Engineering collaborated with the client to develop a part that eliminated the quality concerns and need for redundant inspections.

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Problem: Screws breaking in assembly

The company had a failing assembly line custom screw machine part. Screws were breaking in final assembly creating delays in manufacturing, quality reworks, and cost overruns. The initial discussions Engineering, Production, Purchasing, and Operations found that this has been a perpetual problem part. Because of lacking quality control parameters and unit cost of the current part, variations were found between suppliers and control lots but not addressed. Past solutions resulted in contacting the distributor for rework costs. At this point in the component build, the total unit would need to be scrapped or reworked close to completion, adding to the lost opportunity costs.



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Solution: Redesigning the part

The client’s engineering team worked with SBS to redesign the physical dimensions and material components. Sample testing would show signs of hydrogen embrittlement, a condition where the heat treating and/or plating of metal components can cause micro fissures in the material resulting in component failure under stress. Dimensional testing uncovered that the machining process of the fastener could result in variability of head uniformity.

The resulting leverage force created by installation would shear the fastener in the assembly. SBS worked with supply side partners to produce functional samples for testing and qualification. After approval, SBS submitted a revised print with critical dimension requirements, dimensional tolerances, and material changes.


Result: Improved productivity and reduced downtime

SBS, along with the client, eliminated the long-term issue. The improved productivity, decreased scrapping, and downtime reduced the overall cost of the completed assembly making our client more competitive and profitable. As an additional benefit, the globally re-sourced part resulted in a cost incentive to allocate the part to SBS along with other volume production commodities. SBS now supports multiple Parker locations across North America with precision and standard components and supply chain services.

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