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Purchasing & Planning

Keys to effective purchasing.

SBS’s full-range services provide our clients with insight into current operational challenges and identify the necessary changes in product, parts, and suppliers.

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Cost Cut Planning

What gets measured, can be improved. We work with your team to identify the key performance metrics that define success for your business. Once the program is established, we continuously monitor and propose improvements through on-going, joint performance reviews.

At the start of all our programs, SBS first performs a lean assessment and cost analysis at our client’s facility. Seeing your operation first-hand ensures that we craft a program tailored to meet your specific manufacturing needs through clearly-defined expectations.

Product Engineering

At SBS, our team of experienced engineers is here to support your R & D department from your initial design concepts to the final rollout of your products to ensure the most cost-effective, quality solutions. We aim to be a true partner to your organization. Your success is our success. Just a few of our engineering and design services include:

  • Product teardown analysis.
  • In-place cost reduction analysis.
  • Complete VA/VE services.
  • Fastener standardization programs.
  • Print review and control.


One of SBS’s strongest competitive advantages is sourcing and procurement. We employ strict supplier evaluation and assessment processes to ensure our stringent quality requirements. We have partners in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India supported by SBS staff liaisons to foster the relationship and strengthen communications.

SBS Global Sourcing works with you to develop a customized system engineered to lower your costs, reduce your lead time, and deliver superior products, processes, and service.  SBS does not just have locations all over the world. We have a hands-on, physical, presence and decades-long relationships with our international partners.


Supplier Management

Purchasing is not the same as procurement. Treating the strategy around these two distinct concepts as similar is the difference between saving a few dollars this quarter and building a resilient business that will stand the tests of time.

A purchasing strategy can be appropriate in some situations, like shoring up cash leaks.  While a procurement strategy takes a more holistic approach to the essentially process of getting the supplies to run your business.  This is where SBS Supply Chain Solutions comes in.


Quality Control

At SBS Quality is more than just part conformity.  We see quality in terms of part, program, and service.  These aspects encompass our values here  at SBS.  Working only with international OEM production, we understand that a non-conforming part can be just as detrimental as a part that does not show up or a lack of response to a concern.  Our priority is to provide the best experience to our clients along with the right part, at the right place, at the right time.

SBS is committed to maintaining a business environment where the quality of its products, customer service, and engineering support  is paramount. We set stringent quality specifications and inspection templates for our quality inspectors employed in Taiwan. All SBS vendors are required to send product samples to SBS Taiwan for inspection. SBS also performs quarterly quality reviews of its vendors’ products.

Our ongoing pursuit of quality has led us to

  • ISO 9001:2008 (Certified since 1997)
  • Employing detailed lot control for full traceability
  • Being one of five companies selected to work with the US Congress to secure passage of the Fastener Quality Act of 1999.
  • Offering full PPAP capabilities

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