Client success story

Semiconductor Industry Client

Balancing inventory levels with Lean methods

Lack of understanding of the clients process led to both exhausted and excess inventory. After an extensive analysis, a unique program with custom packaging, delivery by inventory technician, and redistribution of unused parts was set up.

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Our Solution

There is an independently operated business within the client organization that develops, manufactures and services deep-ultraviolet (DUV) light sources. Significant overstock, stock outs, continuous expediting, and unnecessary steps in production were all caused by lack of understanding of the clients process. SBS analysis provided clean room certified, custom packaging and right-sized production quantities directly to the production line. On-hand overstock was reduced and dead stock eliminated through metrics-driven inventory management. Unused parts were identified, mapped, and redistributed to plant locations where inventory could be consumed.



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Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer

From securing the supply line for stainless steel fasteners to creating production cart sequences, a world-renowned recreational vehicle manufacturer has had a unique SBS Solution built and optimized during their 34-year relationship with SBS.

Robotics Manufacturer

Rapidly growing warehouse robotics manufacturer was experiencing long lead times, poor customer service, and high prices. SBS worked with our global partners to reduce cost, introduced responsive account management, and implemented an automated kanban to eliminate lead time concerns.

Redesigning a part improved productivity

A failing part caused production delays and cost overruns in a precision assembly. SBS Engineering collaborated with the client to develop a part that eliminated the quality concerns and need for redundant inspections.