With product recalls and compromised quality at historically high levels, SBS can help you stand out from the crowd by making sure to keep that promise through our comprehensive quality control solutions.  SBS provides the specialized services to cover all stages of the production, including Pre-production Inspections (PPI), During Production Inspections (DPI/DUPRO), Pre-shipment Inspections (PSI), Sample Checking (SC) and Container loading and unloading supervision (LS) As well as Full Supply Chain Solutions such as Production Monitoring (PM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).  


It has been said that trust needs to be to earn. This has never been truer than in today’s industrial market. When a consumer buys your product, a promise has been made in terms of form, function, and usability. Keeping that promise is the cornerstone to your success.  Backed by industry knowledge, and the experience of thousands of professionals around the globe, SBS is well-suited to be your partner in quality product and service.


Recognized in the industry for our best-in-class training and robust ethical standards, SBS quality assurance, testing, and inspection solutions deliver you the peace of mind and confidence that your products meet your exacting quality standards and align with customer expectations.  Many of our clients utilizing our sorting and inspection services are able to deliver parts direct to their production line, reducing time, effort, cost, and inventory while providing a quality product to the market faster.


Inspections – Quality Control Inspections, Testing, and Consulting company based in Agawam Massachusetts, USA with offices across North America, including Mexico and Canada, as well as Taiwan, Vietnam, and Finland.

Testing – Consumer products testing lab based in Kaohsiung Taiwan.  SBS Taiwan is a solely owned and operated by SBS and SBS employees. We perform chemical, functional, safety and packaging testing for consumer goods at our compliance certified lab. We also have a localized quality control at each SBS location.

Sorting Inspections – SBS is entrusted with piece-by-piece sorting inspections, metal detection and repackaging for customers manufacturing industrial products, that require zero defects, around the world.  We operate our own facilities in Kaohsiung Taiwan and Juarez Mexico, as well as smaller or more urgent projects in the United States. We can also provide in factory services.


SBS operates in compliance with the principles of Quality.  Quality Service, Quality Program, Quality Product

  • SBS work is carried out honestly, in a professional, independent, and impartial manner, with no influence tolerated in respect to deviation from either our own approved methods and procedures or the reporting of accurate results.
  • SBS reports and certifications correctly present the actual findings, professional opinions, or results obtained.
  • SBS data, test results, and other material facts are reported in good faith and will not be improperly changed.
  • SBS believes in a fair and healthy business environment.  Our employees and processes are secured against all situations that may result in a conflict of interest in our business transactions and services; including personal gain, conduct in breach of applicable laws and regulations, anti-bribery, and anti-corruption.

SBS would like to your be your partner of choice when it comes to supply chain management.  Please contact us today to learn more.