3 Benefits of Using A Sourcing Partner

One of SBS’s strongest competitive advantages is sourcing and procurement. We employ strict supplier evaluation and assessment processes to ensure our stringent quality requirements. We have partners in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India supported by SBS staff liaisons to foster the relationship and strengthen communications.

SBS Global Sourcing works with you to develop a customized system engineered to lower your costs, reduce your lead time, and deliver superior products, processes, and service.  SBS does not just have locations all over the world. We have a hands-on, physical, presence and decades-long relationships with our international partners.


1. Lowering Costs

  • SBS Global Sourcing negotiates on your behalf, getting you the best rates on multi-year agreements.  Because of our trusted international relationships, SBS provides you the best price and quality.  Our offices are located globally, near international manufacturing hubs, allowing SBS to be on the ground, with manufacturers.
  • Guaranteed cost reduction, reduced fluctuation on engineered parts, and decreased minimums.


2. Delivering Products of Superior Quality

  • Your mission critical parts are aligned with manufactures who have demonstrated a historical ability to provide quality like product.
  • Your parts undergo a complete standard and critical dimension inspection at the time of manufacture and on shipping—ensuring no deviations reach your facility.
  • Quality is more than parts, it is service and program – with a 99.98% perfect-picking rate globally—SBS ensures that you get your parts on time, no matter where you are.


3. Reducing Lead Time

  • We solve the issues at the source–eliminating costly and inconvenient delays

SBS manages our own international warehousing and logistics, aligning our product flow with your demand. Continual auditing and review of manufacturing performance address concerns before they become lead time issues.

SBS oversees the staffing and operation of all global warehouses and run the same efficient, consistent system in every location, meaning you receive the right part, at the right place, at the right time

SBS is a family-run company that is big enough to provide all the resources of the larger chains, but small enough to give your account the attention, care, and service it needs.

Some of the parts we source include:

  • Socket Products
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Pins
  • Rods/Studs
  • Rivets
  • Spring Products
  • Self-Clinching Products
  • Anchors
  • Wire Formed Parts
  • Fittings
  • Stampings
  • Clamps/Hangers
  • Retaining Rings/Clips
  • Machined and Turned Parts
  • Per-Print & Engineered Special


What volume commodity parts are on your production floor that originate globally?

Let's talk more about sourcing.

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