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    Step 1

    Question 1/10

    To what level have the global supply chain challenges impacted your business?

    Step 2

    Question 2/10

    How much time do you, or your team, spend searching for C -level commodities to keep your factory operational?

    Step 3

    Question 3/10

    To what level has increased freight charges impacted your company’s bottom line?

    Step 4

    Question 4/10

    How often does your current suppliers’ On Time Delivery affect your production schedules?

    Step 5

    Question 5/10

    In your opinion, how well does your current supplier control and mitigate C-level commodities price increases?

    Step 6

    Question 6/10

    Do you have confidence that your supplier can control quality or has a robust system to identify and eliminate deviations?

    Step 7

    Question 7/10

    Does your company use inventory to hide other challenges and/or to mitigate risk? This would show as stock outs, multiple purchase orders, price negotiation, or expedites.

    Step 8

    Question 8/10

    Does your company have specific goals for the future in terms of sustainability, digital transformation, LEAN journey, supply chain mapping, and/or changing consumer attitudes?

    Step 9

    Question 9/10

    How would you describe the visibility of your supply chain, from forecasting to raw material availability and supplier positioning?

    Step 10

    Question 10/10

    How well do your current suppliers support company best practices with actionable data?

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