Implementing a full service Vendor Managed Inventory program with SBS is a key part of a continuous improvement, lean manufacturing focus. SBS shows you how to shift your critical attention to your strategic inventory items instead of the small stuff. SBS has the global expertise to manage your c-commodities, so you don't have to.  

Key Benefits:

  • Your dedicated Inventory Manager monitors your bins personally, and replenishes stock BEFORE inventory is depleted, eliminating any expediting shipping costs.
  • Take only the product you need to meet immediate production demands, reducing "just-in-case" inventory overstock costs.
  • Parts are where you need them, when you need them, eliminating order cancellations due to delays caused by fastener stock-outs.
  • Number of purchase orders can be decreased by up to 95% depending on your program - translating to significant time and cost savings for purchasing departments.
  • Improved reporting and forecasting for your production line with SBS reports, so you can make smarter buying decisions.
  • Reduce overall costs associated with ordering, receiving, and transporting goods.

Contact SBS here about our VMI services and let your purchasing department focus on negotiating the high-cost parts instead, knowing they've already saved you time and money on your c-commodities!


SBS has extensive experience designing custom kit solutions as a stand-alone service or as part of our full-service VMI programs. Our facility handles large volumes of line items daily. Client kit requirements vary widely in component structure - flexibility and agility have been the keys to our kitting success.   

Benefits of kitting through SBS:

  • More accurate kits, reducing overhead and hassles
  • Reusable containers offer environmentally-friendly solution
  • Bill of material consolidation and component reduction
  • Reduced material handling in your facility
  • Kit creation based upon production forecasts


  • Combined products in a single package
  • Separated products
  • Private labeled
  • Revision level control fasteners and non-fastener product
  • Custom kit configurations

Want to learn how kitting can save your company real time and money? Call us or email us here to find out how.


At SBS, our team of experienced engineers is here to support your R & D department from your initial design concepts to the final rollout of your products to ensure the most cost-effective, quality solutions. We aim to be a true partner to your organization. Your success is our success. Just a few of our engineering and design services include:

  • Product teardown analysis.
  • In-place cost reduction analysis.
  • Complete VA/VE services.
  • Fastener standardization programs.
  • Print review and control.

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SBS is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our c-level commodities, diverse service offerings and quality for optimal client experience. Here's an abbreviated list of our ongoing pursuit of quality. 

  • ISO 9001:2008 (Certified since 1997)
  • Offer Full PPAP capabilities
  • Employ Detailed Lot Control for Full Traceability
  • First Article Reporting and Inspection
  • SBS was one of five companies nominated to work with the US Congress to secure passage of the Fasterner Quality Act of 1999

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art facility to witness quality systems in action at our full RF warehouse. Interested? Click here to contact us today.


Value Added Activities

On average, 30% of daily activities performed each day by an organization don't create value for the bottom line. Inventory, motion, waiting, transportation, over-processing, defects, and rework are what SBS seeks to eliminate through our programs and additional services, which include:

  • Kanban programs
  • Inventory turn analysis
  • Custom packaging and configurations
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Delivery services
  • Consolidated billing and reporting
  • Standardization and Consolidation
  • Use of RF technology to trigger replenishment signals