Lean Expertise

At the start of all our fastener management programs, SBS first performs a lean assessment and cost analysis (at no charge) at our client’s facility in order to maximize the benefits of VMI. Seeing your operation first-hand ensures that we craft a program tailored to meet your specific manufacturing needs through clearly-defined expectations.

We seek to eliminate or, at the very least, minimize MUDA (Waste) and optimize work flow by getting the right parts, to the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time. We emphasize discipline throughout our operation with clearly-defined performance expectations, aligned leadership, and a continuous improvement (Kaizen) philosophy. We look forward to working with your "lean" team to deliver bottom line performance results.

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Global Reach

One of SBS's strongest competitive advantages is sourcing and procurement. That's because SBS has spent over 30 years developing partnerships around the globe to support the growing needs of our clients. 

Our diverse, multinational associates are constantly strengthening our long standing partnerships while developing new ones. We employ strict supplier evaluation and assessment processes to ensure our stringent quality requirements. We have partners in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India supported by SBS staff liaisons to foster the relationship and strengthen communications.

In 2008, SBS was the founding member of the Global Supply Alliance (GSA), a group of five distributors that leverages buying power in Asia and facilitates sales around the globe. In recent years, we've driven supply chain efficiencies directly to our manufacturers and worked with our supply chain to implement vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs that allow us to integrate our own packaging requirements and material handling procedures. 

Customer Success

At SBS, we produce measurable results for our customers. Our custom designed fastener solutions offer real world ROI.  We are pleased to provide the following case studies to showcase our value-added capabilities.  Please contact us with any additional inquiries or to begin the exploration process for your company.

Case Study


A global OEM of complex systems for the semiconductor industry located in Connecticut.

Business Challenge:

To create one cohesive inventory purchasing system from 14 acquired and merged companies.

  • $1 million of inventory in fasteners with little or no usage

  • Purchasing department-based decisions on purchase price variance (PPV), not usage (e.g., in order to save 30% on PPV, 5,000 socket caps were purchased when only 1,000 were needed, and 80% of the socket caps went unused)

  • Over 100 suppliers generated 1,600 monthly invoices

  • C-level commodities were difficult to manage

SBS Solution:
  • Eliminated centralized stocking locations and converted a three building campus into a point-of-use replenishment system

  • Established benchmarks for fastener inventory turns to reduce on-hand supply

  • Consolidated purchase orders under a centralized managed system

  • Provided system management of non-fastener c-level commodities

  • SBS shipped 6 million parts with a 20% savings in a year

  • Consolidation of purchase orders led to annual savings of over $40,000

  • Managed 5,400 unique SKUs spread throughout 22,000 bins

  • Managed 500 c-level commodities

  • By carrying inventory through SBS's warehouse system, saved $750,000 annually

Case Study


Multinational, publicly-traded manufacturer focused on the telecommunication industry located in Connecticut.

Business Challenges:
  • Telecommunication business is cyclical and hard to forecast
  • Limited ability to track inventory usage per product line
  • High percentage of custom manufactured parts
  • Production delays due to uncertain forecasting and purchasing difficulties
  • Obsolete inventory and high scrap cost due to ineffective internal planning
  • High Purchase Price Variance (PPV) due to purchasing non-standard parts
SBS Solutions:
  • Implemented a point-of-use vendor managed inventory (VMI) program with an on-site implant
  • Assumed planning responsibilities and worked with client’s internal departments to forecast usage numbers
  • Worked with client’s engineering department to standardize part requirements
  • 10% cost savings on part purchases
  • Eliminated client’s receiving department and implemented a system of electronically scanned and invoiced parts
  • Using SBS's warehoused inventory service, reduced client stock room requirements from 3,000 sq. ft to 5 boxes
  • Through SBS's engineering standardization program, significantly reduced client's obsolete scrap part problem

Case Study


A worldwide leader in spectator seating solutions located in Maine.

Business Challenge:
  • Devoted too many internal resources to non-core competency
  • Complex and non-duplicated kitting requirements needed at international sites
  • A single building that housed over $3 million in fastener inventory
  • Only three employees tasked with handling and staging fasteners for worldwide distribution
  • Job delays and increased shipping costs as a result of internal kitting errors
  • High operating costs due to bloated inventory level
SBS Solutions:
  • Offered contract warehousing at our Agawam facility to reduce on-hand inventory
  • Assigned knowledgeable fastener experts to execute one-of-a-kind kitting needs
  • Shipped complex kits and instructions to job sites to eliminate duplicate handlings
  • Managed MRP system through remote electronic access
  • SBS services freed up $2.5 million in working capital to fund future growth
  • 99.75% order accuracy on job shipments
  • Reduced fastener related emergency shipments by 50%, significantly lowering shipping expenditures
  • By creating complex kits itself, SBS reduced the client's fastener workload by 85%
  • Client gained 15,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space

Case Study


World class manufacturing firm located in North Carolina that provides components and assemblies for engines.

Business Challenges:
  • Outdated prints did not match what was used in production
  • Clients spent a disproportionate amount of time managing 50 suppliers of fasteners and c-level commodities
  • Senior management targeted a reduction in the supply base from 500 to 100
  • Due to invalid information, the purchasing department could not quote effectively
  • Supplier service issues such as missed quote deadlines, delayed deliveries, and unresponsive customer service
SBS Solutions:
  • Deployed a dedicated implementation team to guarantee a seamless transition, including on site engineering support, quality control, customer service for rapid quote turnaround, daily status reports on orders, and an on site weekly status meeting
  • Created an internal cross-checking procedure to ensure that parts used in production were in accordance with engineering specifications
  • Consolidated volume purchasing, allowing the client to exceed target pricing goals and lower Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
  • To guarantee on time delivery, warehoused a four to six month part supply
  • Eliminated 20% part discrepancy
  • Developed transparent flow of information between organizations
  • Lowered PPV while reducing time spent managing fasteners

Case Study


A global OEM recreational vehicle manufacturer located in Canada.

Business Challenges:
  • Suppliers not set up to meet the fast paced operational challenges of an international manufacturing company
  • Facilities were expanded from one location to a worldwide operation
  • Operational needs not synchronized with the company infrastructure
  • Managing more than 100 suppliers is time consuming, error prone, and expensive
  • Fasteners and other c-level commodities managed out of bulk boxes
  • Production delays due to disorganized purchasing and poor planning
  • High Purchase Price Variance (PPV) due to lack of part consolidation and standardization
  • Current infrastructure could not support worldwide operations
SBS Solutions:
  • Redesigned Kanban system for just-in-time delivery of products
  • Assumed planning responsibilities for multiple commodities
  • Fully automated receiving, invoicing, and inventory ordering
  • Provided full-time, on site engineering support to standardize inventory
  • Set up facilities at worldwide locations to support client
  • Reduced on-floor inventory to eight hours while shipping ten million pieces per month
  • Reduced supplier base from 100 to 1 through integration, resulting in drastic reduction of time spent managing c-level commodities
  • Removed need for customer receiving, inspection, and invoice matching
  • Established PPL which standardized fasteners and reduced costs